A Trial Site is free for 30 days.

Please test drive a site and see how easy it is to chooses a template, add some text or a photo,

and preview your changes before publishing. No external editors are required.

The retail price for a full-featured website at CoLiminal.com

is $300 for one year or $30 per month


(a monthly auto payment through PayPal is required)

A website at CoLiminal.com does not require a separate "Hosting" account, or editing software like Dreamweaver. Upload your materials with just a browser, no FTP program required.



For information about discounts and specials please contact us at External link opens in new tab or windowinfo@coliminal.com  or call Robert Dougherty at 707.217.1298.  Trial sites are accessible at http://coliminal.com/coliminal/yoursitename but once you have paid for your website it will appear under your own domain name. If you already have one or more domain names we can help you point them to your new site. If you need a new domain name we can help you register it inexpensively and point it in the right direction.

All your materials (as well as the complete editing suite) are stored on our servers and everything you need to edit the site is completely accessible (with login and password) from any device with access to the internet and using any browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) and on any platform (Mac OS, Windows OS, Linux OS, iPad, Android Tablets, and even smart phones with access to the Internet).

The editing tools and the database structure that underlies all the sites is proprietary, and extremely secure. Your subscription pays for the engineering staff who are constantly working to expand functionality, add features, and keep legacy apps functional with new improvements. You don't have to keep track of or upload upgrades to the server, all upgrades to site security and to the editing tools are are done automatically in the background. OUR SITES DON'T GET HACKED!

CoLiminal sites are very practical if your organization has a lot of material to put up on the web that must be changed regularly, because editing by non-technical staff is extremely easy and intuitive. The learning curve is gentle, online tutorials are available for free. Tutors are available to train your staff (in person in California, by Skype anywhere in the world). Most businesses prefer to hire a professional web designer or developer to set up the initial structure, style, and layout of the site (the services of a developer are not included in your yearly subscription, but if you hire one of our pro developers we can discount your yearly rate). For a quote please contact us at External link opens in new tab or windowinfo@coliminal.com  or call Robert Dougherty at 707.217.1298.